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Loss of Partial & Full Downloads Info


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I am using the current version of uTorrent and find it a great program except for one small problem to which there may well be a solution I am unaware of.

I have two separate folders for "Partial" and "Completed" downloads. When I do a reinstall of my OS (Win Vista Ultimate), then reinstall uTorrent and point it to the same two folders (data on drive independent from OS drive) I appear to loose everything I had as uTorrent does not show any of the downloads or partials even though they are still visible under Explorer.

I experienced this under similar circumstances in Win-XP Pro too.

Any suggestions?

P.S. - I usually do a clean reinstall of the OS every 6 months or so as a standard maintenance procedure to get rid off all the crud that collects along the way such as registry entries and dll files etc. I find this to be more effective than any of the so called "Cleaner" programs on the market.

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