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The Scheduler - A Couple of easy changes


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I personally think these will make the scheduler a simpler part of the program to use:

Optional Single Day Scheduler

- Not every user has the need to alter their scheduler settings depending on the day of the week, if it was possible to set all days to be the same and only require the user to change one set of information it may save significant time

Ability to set downloads (and perhaps uploads) to ZERO in the limited mode

- As many users are on a peak/off-peak arrangement with their ISP (which only meters downloads), the ability to Seed the portions of the files already avaliable without further downloads may be desireable

What does everyone else think?

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Thanks for the tip re seeding torrents

Although a single day scheduler would be preferable to the drag mode currently in place, a little check box to switch the scheduler into "24 Hour Mode" would be really nice (and I can't imagine it would be hard to implement)

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