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Port Forwarding - server IP must be a LAN IP


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I get this error when i try to do the port forwarding given to me by the portforward.com information. When i am on that page, and i determine my static IP based from the static IP page, it has a box that i should input what port i want it to forward to, and then it has 192.168.0.[ ] and asks me to insert a port there, the problem with that is that 192.168.0.<insert port here> is not my IP address. Below is what i got for my ipconfig results, please let me know what i can do to fix this so my utorrent will work o.O;;

Router : Netgear WGR614v7




default gateway:

DNS server


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no im not putting my utorrent listen port in the <>, but rather, i can't figure out what to imput in the port forwarding area so as to fix this error. going through the guide literally step by step i get all the info at the bottom to input into the port forwarding area, but i still get that error.

I guess mainly what im asking is what SHOULD be input into the port forwarding area to get the forwarding to work?

obviously certain things are based upon what i set up, but a basic outline would help

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I am not a master in ip or port config but I can tell you that I is asking for a port that is free or being used by your client. 8080 is default port if it accepts tw0 numbers then use 80 . you can go to control panel , add remove programs , add remove windows components, tick networking services to enable p2p support , click next to intall it. I hope this will help. Also chane port number according to your choice .

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