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Good Afternoon,

I have just installed your software. Got everything running ok but unfortunately evertime I press download it downloads great but a minute or so later it cancels as it says:

"Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

I am not very technically inclined however I have uninstalled MSN and Google toolbar as stated.

I am using windows Vista and have Mcafee installed.

I am using a 3 usb modem, I don't know whether or not that is the problem. If you need anything else to solve the problem, please let me know.

Best Wishes


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McAfee may be acting as a hostile trojan preventing µTorrent from running correctly.

...Or you may have Roxio or Nero on there, which are running indexing services which lock files and prevent µTorrent from accessing them.

...or maybe you have viruses/trojans/spyware of a different kind?

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I have got Roxio and use it alot.

I am logged on as the administrator.

No viruses/trojans/spyware that I know of.

So how would I go about resolving problem.

Sorry not very technical.

it downloads for 1 or 2 minutes then the error pop's. I just have keep pressing download again on the file and the error repeat's its self.

I have had problems with Bearshare, Limewire and Bitcomet as well. :0(

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While I'm not a Roxio user I remember reading a forum that told me you can just disable the indexing function in Roxio and still use the program itself.

With my friend Google I stumbled upon this solution: Re: 1.7 - cannot access the file - being used by another processJust wanted to say that stopping the RoxMediaDB service on my computer fixed my problem. Thanks for this forum pointing me in the right direction.

You can also look for a 'Unlocker' tool on the internet, atleast it tells you which programm locks the file.

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