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Is there such a thing as a "stable" router?? I need one..(Help)


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I'm going through some very big router issues at the moment and am constantly making trips to the Futureshop for "refunds" of routers that CAN'T handle BitTorrent transfers to any extent, before crapping out connection or causing me to having to manually reset modem and router every few minutes..

I've tried the Apple AirPort Extreme N Base station(GigaBit ver), it was fast.. very fast with anything but it crashed completely every few hours requiring a hard reset(pull plug)

I've tried D-Link WBR-1310, and it constantly keeps dropping wireless connections to the point its not even funny anymore..

I'm testing the Linksys WRT54GS Version 7 (firmware 7.50.2), and its even worse than the others.. Its very slow, even worse with Transmission(torrent prog) on mac osx(torrents won't even begin downloading.. lol). And as far as I know, I can't put custom firmware on that one cause its v7, or I'd probly end up bricking it.

So, I'm going back to the store again today and want to make the definitive purchase this time around.. @_@ Should I just get a Linksys WRT54G (non speed boost) with a lower version and get custom firmware like HyperWRT Thibor?? Tomato? Or do these custom firmwares have problems too with keeping rock-solid FAST bittorrent connections.

It just seems to me like all the newer routers these days are crap.. My old D-Link DI-624 Rev.C wireless G router works rock-solid under any conditions and massive BitTorrent downloads at a time(I barely have to reset it ever).. Only problem with that one is the wireless range that I require at this present time.(and I'm going to uni right now and can't steal it from the home right now anyways)

Nevertheless, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Good models:

Linksys (after applying 3rd party firmware):

WRT54G v4 and older

WRT54GS v4 and older

WRT54GL any version


Buffalo Wireless (after applying DD-WRT):


Basically, if it's a router that can get a linux-based firmware on it (preferably higher-capability systems like the older WRT54G(S) or the current WRT54GL) it should be good.

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