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need help setting up rss


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I've read the guide but Im unsure of how to get this done. What I want is utorrent to download and seed all new torrents from here on out. I have the filter setup but it is matching torrents already in the rss feed which I dont want to download.

I just want it to download new torrents from today on and not whatever was in the rss feed.

Is there a way to force all current rss feeds into history?

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Is http://utorrent.com/rsstutorial.php the guide you are referring to?

Hmm? You seem to contradict yourself in the post. So forgive me if I misunderstand your intent.

RSS rules allow you to set parameters to MATCH or NOT MATCH feed items.

When you add a feed, you have the option to name it "NAME|FEED_URL". Afterwards you can set favourites for that feed, or all feeds.

These are essentially filters to tell uT which items to download. (NOTE: feeds which do not put the direct link to the .torrent file are not supported. Nor are feeds > .90 RSS afaik)

Also, the ability to toggle whether or not you wish to auto-start the RSS items can be found in the RSS pane on 1.8 versions. Previously it can be found under Ctrl-P -> Advanced

This gives control similar to the Ctrl-P -> Downloads option "don't start the download automatically" for RSS items.

As far as not-recognizing <24 hour feed items as new, or "only download items after XX date" i don't think that option exists.

Also I'm not sure what effect "forget last matching" would have.

Perhaps you can set the filters you want to wait >12 hours" for now, if they are already matching. Then, by the time it's not "new" you can reset it however often you like.

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Ok i couldn't find a solution with utorrent so I found another way using Yahoo pipes.

http://pipes.yahoo.com if you are interested.

You can filter based on anything, so I used pubdates, filtered out all the dates i didn't want, and now I have an rss feed with old stuff gone.

:) yahoo is great.

Im tempted to use a download all filter and just create one big rss feed with only what I want but Im not sure if it can filter as well as utorrent for more specific things.

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