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recovering torrents help please?


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Hi all,

my pc had some kind of bizarre fit over the weekend and seems to have reset my user account, meaning that all my torrents are no longer showing up in the utorrent gui because it thinks i'm a new user.

all my applications are on a separate drive so all the utorrent information is still there (torrents, downloads, etc)... it's just not showing up.

Does anyone know how i can get my torrents back into utorrent without it thinking i have to download them all again? (i need to seed them now is all)

i've reset the configuration to be as it was before (where to move completed downloads to, etc) so really just need to know if there's a way to get you torrent to look in the "torrents" folder and go "oh, that's all finished" (re-checking doesn't do this :( )

apologies if this is a simple problem, i'm not so hot with this stuff.

thanks in advance for any help :)

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