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utorrendt port forward test


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now that was realy tough .

anyway i'm having a real problem here

when i run Utorrent ,it gives me a green stute just like you said "jewelisheaven" but when i click on test it tells me that the port is not open.

notice that i did everything by the book and the speed is realy slow.

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You didn't answer my question regarding the testing OOo torrents. If that was giving you a green checkmark and you saw the "I" flag under Peers tab, you are configured for incoming connections.

Please test the torrents found at Open Office. Do you get the green check icon in the taskbar? If so, you will see incoming peers (Peers tab "I" flag). Does the OOo torrent max your download? If not it is your ISP. Does your upload to peers hit your upload limit?

More information is needed please.

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