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2 quick questions


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1) Whats the maximum number of concurrent torrents one can seed. Is there any limit?

The reason I'm asking is, for example if I add 500 torrents they are downloaded fine. Now the more number of torrents I add the newly added ones are hardly downloaded despite being submitted to various torrent sites.

2) What the optimal settings to be set in the µtorrent interface assuming that the sole objective is to only seed and provide optimal upload speed and availability to people downloading my torrents.

Below is the speed test result

Speed Test #41973323 by dslreports.com

Run: 2007-12-17 04:09:55 EST

Download: 4482 (Kbps)

Upload: 41282 (Kbps)

In kilobytes per second: 547.1 down 5039.3 up

Tested by server: 56 java


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1) It depends. If your torrents are all active I'd say 500 might be a bit much even if u limit to 1 Upload slot per torrent. If you have a lot of inactive torrents it might be doable with a few more slots per torrent.

2) If you pick xx/40MBit in the speed guide you get an optimal setting. But if you want to seed more torrents at the same time you might want to reduce the number of slots and increase the max active torrent. In your case try to keep the ( Upload Slots + 1 ) x Max Active Torrents below 550 and you should be fine.

The default setting is ( 35 slots + 1 ) * 15 active torrents = 540 but this setting will let you power seed those 15 torrents, it does start seeding more torrents automatically if it doesn't take full advantage of your connection though. Here you risk seeding a few torrents well and queuing (ergo ignoring) the rest.

Going for 250 max torrents with 1 slot per will let you seed a lot of torrents a bit and again if bandwidth isn't properly utilized µtorrent will automatically open more slots on these so that these active torrents get seeded better. Here you risk seeding all torrents a bit even though some torrents might not need your help and others might need it desperately.

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Hi, Thanks for your quick reply.

Let me rephrase. My objective is to make all the torrents I have to be available to people who want to download them.

By concurrent I didn't mean being downloaded at the same time. By concurrent I meant being available for download at the same time.

Now assume I have 3000 torrents added into µtorrent. Based on my settings "X" number will show seeding and the others will show "queued seeding"

Now assume I have submitted these 3000 torrents to piratebay and they are available to any one who has access to piratebay. Now if this person were to try to download a torrent that's "queued seeded" in my µtorrent client, would he be able to download it? Am I supposed to force seed them?

Also based on your earlier reply, if my above objective is to be met, would my settings be as follows

Queueing> max number of active torrents (275)

Bittorrent> Max number of upload slots per torrent (1)

All other settings default as per xx/40 mbit

I notice that at any given time the max number of torrents being downloaded at the same time,( which show as active )are around 25

So based on the above would I be required to get a new server once I exceed this 500 torrent limit?


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The important thing is the kb/s per slot. This should be at least 5kb/s and preferably around 10kb/s.

If you set the max number of active torrents to 5000 (or force start 5000 torrents which is basically the same thing) and you set the number of slots to 1 that means that IF a 1000 torrents become active you have 4kb/s on each slot which is becoming bad (and then there is the optimistic unchoke slot of each torrent which afaik doesn't count). If more become active it drops even lower... You won't be helping people that way, your hampering them, you are acting like a seed but you give out data so slow that it isn't benefiting the swarm.

You can probably guess a certain ratio of active versus inactive torrents you could play around with it a bit and base your calculations on that. But keep an eye on it. Just pick x torrents to support and leave the rest to others, even if you uploaded them yourself, there is only so much you can do.

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You said "Just pick x torrents to support and leave the rest to others, even if you uploaded them yourself, there is only so much you can do."

Does that mean that there is a limit on the number of torrents I can add to utorrent irrespective of the bandwidth I have?

So take this example. Say I have a 5 terabyte connection (hypothetical) and only one person knows about my torrents and say he is the only person who would be downloading them, and that too one torrent at a time only.

So now would I be able to add say 5000 torrents into the client, would all 5000 torrents be accessible to this person?

So he can download all 5000 torrents one after the other? or is there some other kind of limit like say "you cant add more than 500 torrents, and any more torrents you add beyond these initial 500 wont be accessible to people" ?

I'm testing this theory out... I currently have about 3000 torrents, and the new ones are showing as seeding, but I submit them to piratebay and then try to download them from another location... these new torrents aren't being downloaded and are showing 0 seeds.

At first I thought that it might be an issue with my .torrent file but that is not the issue as if I seed the same torrent from another server then I can download the file perfectly.

Please advise

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No not like that. The limit IS based on your bandwidth.

As I said bandwidth per Slot is what counts. If you load 5000 torrents and you limit each torrent to 1 slot and there is peers on all 5000 of those torrents you'd need about:

5000 * ( 1 + 1 ) * 10kb/s = 100000 kb/s bandwidth = 800Mbit upload

or at least 400Mbit. You have 40Mbit (=5000 kb/s) which allows with 1 slot per torrent for:

5000 / 10kb/s / ( 1 + 1) = 250 active torrents

This is a rough estimate. But 5000 is too much for your connection unless you can be sure a certain amount are inactive. And even then you'd have to tweak your max connections higher then the 900 set by the Speed Guide.

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