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ports blocked dont know how


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Well i'm having trouble for this first time with Utorrent being port blocked. I have a 2wire modem and got two wireless computers hooked to it. The other computer i forwarded it perfect and it works fine... I do my computer and nope it don't work... i even turned off the routers firewall for my computer still nothing.... I have absolutely no firewalls on my computer so this is where i'm like how can it be blocked.... I also called 2wire tech support and they said its not the router. Soooo i have no idea what to do now i had 2wire working on this computer when i had it connected directly to the 2wire modem then when i switched computers and hooked my computer to the wireless "i think" thats when it stopped working i'm not quiet sure since i haven't used Utorrent in awhile. So pretty much im stuck...

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OK. So I'm getting you have this type of setup:

ISP -> Modem -> Router -> LAN

Are all of the computers on you LAN wireless? Or do you have some wireless and some wired? Are you saying that some of the computers work with uT and others don't? Be sure if you setup a range of ports for ONE computer that you setup ports at the router for the OTHER computer.

If you changed your computer's IP address it is possible that's the reason.

start -> run -> cmd -> ipconfig what is your IP there? (ex: In that example you would go to in a browser to login to the router. There the setup for specific port forwarding rules may need to be applied to the new computer.

This includes a new port inbound, as well as to a new IP.

http://portforward.com has countless guides specific to router makes and models on how to do this.

If none of that helps please provide more information and steps you have already taken to try and remedy the situation ;)

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