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Ok so I've spent about two weeks reading forums and searching google about SEEDING.

Forgive me for being thick... but I still dont quite get how it works !!

This is what I know.......

After download has completed leave it to seed to help others.

What I dont know is how long you leave it seed for. I read you should leave it seed till its the same ratio as what you downloaded. Personally I'd like to seed till it stops itself. And when it does stop seeding does this mean I have seeded a torrent and it will show i have seeded ?.

I cant help thinking this isnt the way to seed, I'm guessing I have to goto file on uTorrent download page and click "add torrent." If this is correct I would NOT have a scooby doo what I was doing so Would someone be willing to reply with a step by step (easy to follow for the less intelligent ppl like myself) guide on how seeding is done properly.

Thanks for reading my boring topic if you actually got this far. Thanks guys, looking farward to seeing some replies hopefully.

Thanks :-)

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Ratio column under the main torrent pane and the entry on the General tab show you what you have uploaded in relation to what you have downloaded. To tell the torrent running to override your automatic settings for stopping, right click, go to properties and change the settings there. Note:if you have it set to 100% and 24 hours, it will seed until BOTH conditions are met.

You should also read through Ultima's µManual (below) it covers alot about the interface and functionality of uTorrent.

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Most torrent tracking sites will have different rules about how much you should seed. The majority of them will say to seed until you have seeded as much as you have leeched, meaning you have given as much as you received. Personally I like to seed to a little bit higher ratio than 1:1, but that will get you by on most sites. You should note that there is a certain amount of danger involved in seeding to public trackers as information there is public. Membership sites are somewhat safer, but certainly not completely safe IMHO.

There is a setting in uTorrent on the Queuing page that will allow you to tell uTorrent to seed until a certain ratio is reached and then stop.

TC Harp

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