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low number of actively downloading connections


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Thought I'd post this here as its the place for it :)

Similar threads have been created elsewhere, I hope this isnt repeating too much.

using winxp sp2

utorrent 1.2.2

Global max connections 100

max connections per torrent 60

running 1 or 2 torrents

24K upload cap

220K down

I've been downloading a large torrent for over a week now.

With 100 active seeds/peers available to me (connected) I sometimes can download from over 20 peers at once and get a good download speed (70 to 220K), most of the time it will only keep about 4 or 5 connections max, actively downloading and a very slow download speed (5 to 15K).

It can be downloading very fast and then after a quick restart of utorrent it will not download from many connections and will remain slow even after hours of use.

A later restart may allow many more active downloading connections to be made but it doesnt happen often.

ie I get a 1024x768 screenful of connections that I am downloading from instead of 4 or 5 max.

I saw elsewhere that utorrent devs have experienced a slowdown problem too and am wondering if it is the same and if any progression has been made.


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I think I'm having the same problem.

I'm using utorrent (1.3 b364) from a 100/100 network.

When I connected to - lets say - 100 peers, utorrent actively download from or upload to only about 10 peers. But this number is always below 15.

I think this highly affects the (D or U) speed!

(Settings: Global max conn.: 200, peers per torrent: 150, upload slot per torrent: 100)



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It's a good thing that µT ignores your upload slots and doesn't actually use 100, because if it did, it'd be retarded. Also, you're not really experiencing a problem, you just can't always get data from people all the time, they have limited slots. Use the beta.

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