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Wireless Problem?


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After having a quick look through the forum and trying a few of the suggestions Im still having the same problem of losing my connection while downloading.

I am using a wireless Netgear router and my signal strength is usually v. good, however, if Im downloading the connection all of a suddenly disapears and I need to re-start my computer for it to find the wireless signal again !?!

Im running Microsoft XP, if that helps?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Are you sure the computer is having the problem, not your modem, which is linked to your router, which is linked to your computer? If the problem is only the modem resetting it is very likely you are overloading your connection to the point where your ISPs automated throttling measures prevent you from keeping a good uptime on the line. I would recommend making sure you have Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent options set to peer connections global (100) and per torrent (20) to see if that clears it right up. If that doesn't help you can also / in addition to, try to reduce your available upload. I can only utilize 50% of my advertised upload without being disconnected every minute.

Please report back if one or the other or both changes help your connection keep a better uptime.

On the other hand if it's the router which is freezing you will still need to perform some sort of connection load reduction.

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