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Everything going wrong.

Hairy Lemon

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New Computer. New ISP.

Day 1 - Download utorrent. Start a download - Sits around 100-140kb

Did notice a yellow triangle with the "!" but ignored it.

(My friends said not to touch anything or tweak anything because it will hamper my speed like it did to theirs and now they sit at about 1-10kbps.)

Day 2 - Start a second download - Red Bar - No download.

Contact my friends - whats wrong? 1 mentioned something about port forwarding. I visit www.portforwarding.com. Get a static IP. Do what I think is right and set up my port forwarding. utorrent still doesn't work. Now my connection (viewing webpages) has dropped to 56k speeds.

So I put the settings back to "Obtain IP address automatically" and speeds are fine but utorrent still getting a red bar.

Router - Billion BIPAC-7100

Firewall - ZoneAlarm (possibly the routers firewall also?)

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Ultima compiled a very thorough How-To to make help problems go away. Also from your experienced speeds I'm guessing on your line speed to be 1.5Mbit down? If indeed your speeds start out at 100 KiBps that is pretty good, but it is the inability to make outgoing, continuing connections to other peers which is why the slowdown would occur. Bittorrent protocol is based upon being able to continually upload, which happens more when you are un-firewalled because then firewalled peers can make incoming connections to you.

:/ Also if nothing else you can try his specific settings for ZA http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=166967#p166967

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