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I'm all new to this....


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Hi everyone,

I've read through this forum a few times as a guest and you all seem to be helpful and courteous so I took the chance to register and hopefully receive (and in time give help to) help from you all.

I'm a newbie to torrents and only discovered how useful they actually are recently!

In my house there are two computers - one is a desktop computer (3ghz Celeron with 512mb RAM) and one is a Dell XPS laptop (2ghz Intel Dual-Core, 2gb RAM).

My web connection is through a Zyxel 600 series modem/router and the desktop is connected to it with an ethernet cable while the laptop stays wireless.

The connection is broadband but here in Ireland broadband is very slowly being rolled out so it's not a very fast connection....just 1mb with a 40:1 contention ratio.

I set up my desktop PC to do port-forwarding and all the rest of it so that utorrent could be as quick as possible and it seemed to work as it took about 26hours to download a 2.2gb file.

However after fiddling with the router settings to make utorrent quick, I seemed to knock off my laptop as it didn't connect to the web through my router anymore. So I had to go and reset every setting to how it was before and now everything works but utorrent is barely working so I shut it down.

What I would like to do is set up utorrent on my laptop without stopping my other desktop computer from accessing the web and of course allow the web to run on both laptop and desktop at a reasonable speed (can be done by limiting upload settings I believe?).

Also I won't want any adjustments to my connection to stop me from using other networks such as my college network.

Would changing to a static IP address stop me connecting to another network automatically???

Lads and ladies, sorry for the long post but I would appreciate any few words that would help me here. I know you are all inundated with "help me" posts all of the time but if I am given help and I learn from it then I promise to stay on to help others out with the knowledge I first need to acquire, hopefully from you all.

Thanks a million from Fabio in the lovely city of Cork in Ireland!

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If you shrink the DHCP ip range, you can still put the laptop on a dynamic LAN ip while your desktop has a static/fixed LAN ip outside of the DHCP ip range. It's even possible to have a DHCP range of 1 ip, so that 'dynamic' ip never changes...if you only have one computer connected that needs "dynamic"/random ip.

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Hi fabio, welcome! Have you read the FAQ, the uTorrent help file (.chm) and the guides, specifically this one (http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php) yet?

Check out this thread for initial problem solving with slow net speeds etc. (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992). You're right about limiting your connections, esp. since you're sharing the net connection and wireless generally tends to be a bit flaky!

Do feel free to post back here if you face any problems. I'm sure you'll get it to work with some fiddling around, provided you don't get frustrated and give up if you get stuck somewhere. I was a newbie once as well, so I know how it feels, and even though I can't say I'm anywhere close to being a guru now (far from it!), I still do what I can to help others out on these forums (fora?)... So the sentiments are appreciated. :)

P.S. Switeck was talking about the merits of setting up a static LAN IP and a fixed uTorrent port instead of a dynamic one with UPnP. I'd suggest you first get uTorrent to play nice with both your computers, then you can go about further tweaking the settings. Of course, if UPnP etc. just don't work for you for some reason, then you might very well have to wade through your router's advanced settings (keep the manual handy!)

P.P.S. Setting a static IP shouldn't cause any problems, esp. as your external (net) IP is different from your static (LAN) IP.

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Thanks Ajones! I had a read through the help guide you linked me to and it seems to be very useful.

Most of the steps in there I have done already (on my desktop but have since swtiched all settings back to "normal" over the problems with my laptop not being able to access the web through my router).

Without doing any port forwarding or anything special on utorrent I am getting download speeds of about 5 to 8kbps but when I configured port fowarding and all of that on my desktop I was getting 20kbps at some points so there is indeed a difference!

Anyway I'm supposed to be working on an essay so once I have that done I'll get to work on fiddlign with connections and seeing if stuff works...

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