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A quesiton about uploading and downloading


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First off I am really new to torrenting.

I do know and believe that if one takes it is also good to give.

I do believe in seeding to an average of 1.5. Sometimes its 1 other times it 2, it depends on the the time of day/night.

Q1. As for seeding, sometimes I leave computer on all night it tells me it is seeding and yet does nothing?!?

So how can I change this? Or what is happening?

Q2. I have set my upload speed to be half of the download speed, and when I try some torrents, it seems the upload has taken over.

For example, I'm downloading a torrent and when its done, the upload is 150mb while the actually file is 25mb.

Why is this? I don't mind giving my fair share but this seems overkill.

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You continue uploading a torrent till you tell it to stop, so it could upload 100+ times as much as you downloaded. That's why BitTorrent "seems" fast to so many people...lots of people continue seeding LONG after they've uploaded as much as they downloaded. Otherwise, everyone's download speeds would roughly equal their upload speeds...which would suck.

Torrents can be made to stop automatically using seeding goals as well, just make the speed when goal is met 0 KiloBYTES/sec...which stops the torrent for you.

Local Peer Discovery can mistakenly think a "nearby" ip is local to you, and tries to upload+download with that ip at unlimited speed. You can disable this and/or limit local peer speeds under settings.

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