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utorrent in winxp pro


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i am having a problem with utorrent 1.6.1 due to a problem with my server i had to reset my modem after doing this when i started utorrent i get that annoying little red exclamation mark telling me that a firewall is blocking me i have been into my firewall and i still have utorrent ticked in the exceptions but have hit a wall so to speak i am using vet anti virus and avg anti spyware if anyone can help i would be very thankful



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The dedicated support staff won't help you with your specific problem because you are using an unsupported deprecated version.

I can suggest that if you changed something to change it back. Since you know where the firewall rules are I'd recommend to remove them all, say OK, and re-add the ones for uT.

It could also be that your AV has a "firewall" component, or has updated.

Also note that Ultima's How-To for Troubleshooting works equally well with solo or guided support.

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