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firewall problems


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I have tried numerous different firewalls and still get the same message about port forwarding....

The firewalls i have tried so fare are: Standard Windows SP2, Comodo Firewall Pro 3, and PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition

Can anyone help me out with what's going on. I know a little about these things but my small amount of knowledge isn't helping.

I am using a generic standard ADSL modem and can't find any details on portforward.com.

I used to have Mcaffee firewall and a friend set it up for me but the firewall got un-installed for some reason and have not been able to get on since.

Hope this kinda makes sense and will try to answer any further questions to help resolve this.

Ohh i will install any firewall recommended as long as it dosn't cost the earth and will not compromise my machine.

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me why:

although I used the port forwarding guide that portforward.com offered for my router (wgt624v3) and I have checked to make sure all of the numbers are the same several times, I'm still getting the yellow triangular (yeild sign?? i can't remember lol) at the bottom of my screen telling me there's no incoming connection an the test is saying that my port is not forward properly. Now here's the kicker... it was working two hours ago. my speed was well over 700kb/s, but now it won't go over 20? I've ran through the settings guide several times but nothing I do seems to help. I'm confused because it was fine less than five hours ago, and I had the green circle, but now I don't.

Any and all help will be appreciated!!!


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Firstly can i apologise to the moderators etc, didn't mean to offend.

Can start wherever you like. Basic's of where i am at the moment.

Have a AMD Athlon 2200+. Running Win XP SP2. 768Mb ram.

The ADSL modem is connected to the PC via a USB 2.0 connection. I do have a BT1800HG wireless router / modem i could use but don't currently have a NIC or whatever to connect to PC and am rather reluctant to connect wireless because of people hijacking my line am looking into hard wiring it to PC as an option.

My ISP is Plusnet and have unlimited off peak usage.

I have had uTorrent on PC before and have never really had great connection speed when downloading stuff. I see people mention 'i used to have 700kbps' i've never got even close to that. 20 - 30 maybe with the odd peak of 50?

I am currently running comodo firewall without defence plus (have no idea what that is but read somewhere on here that someone else was running without it). I have used the standard setup / install from it and found a load of settings for uTorrent (posted in one of the other posts) which i have used. I have also got Peerguardian 2.0 but believe this is turned off at the moment. Again have literally installed this and let it run itself. Am also running AVG free edition anti-virus.

I have carried out about half a dozen speed tests and all are about 1000 download and 300 upload using dslreports.com as directed to in one of the threads.

Well not sure what other information you can work with and will consider a full re-install of windows to start afresh if i need to.

I really don't know much about IP's and ports, have read bits on portforward and other places so have a clue just can for the life of me work this one out.

Many thanks for your time. Thomas

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Make sure your firewall is setup like in http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=7862. With a good torrent you should be able to download ~ 100 or so KiBps and upload @ ~ 25 KiBps. If your previous behaviour also exists for the test torrents in Ultima's How-To for Troubleshooting then you may have other problems to content with (ISP mangling) and may want to try the 2nd post instructions on "limited settings" which essentially minimize your presence online and make it so those automated countermeasures don't see you as a threat to be dealt with since you're using smaller resources.

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