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Diskspace trouble


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Hi everybody,

First my specs:

AMD Athlon XP 1600+

384 MB Ram


2 HD (40 Gb and 60 Gb) with enough diskspace left

µTorrent version 1.2.2 (yesterday 08/12/2005)

µTorrent version 1.2.358 beta (today 09/12/2005)

I have been using µTorrent for a few months now and I never had any problems. It worked very well.....untill yesterday.

I came home from work today and started my usual routine. I started up my pc and started µTorrent. Suddenly my harddisk went crazy and it was constantly busy causing my pc to slow down enormously. I also got messages saying that the diskspace on my C: drive was very low. It was around 80 Mb. I rebooted my pc and ran Scandisk but everything was ok. Usually I have 1 Gb left on my C: drive. That's enough for me because I install/download everything else on my other drives. I have changed the settings in µTorrent so that it downloads everything to my D: drive.

I started my internet browser and my pc was still acting normal. I then started µtorrent and after a few minutes my pc went crazy again. I rebooted again and suddenly I saw that the diskspace on my C: drive was only 500 Mb. I deleted the µTorrent directory from my Documents and Setting directory and installed it again but now I used the latest beta version.

I started µTorrent and loaded the 3 torrent files I was downloading and again after a few minutes my pc went crazy. I rebooted and now my diskspace on C: is 142 Mb. I'm afraid to start µTorrent again because I don't know what it does with my diskspace.

I don't know if this has any relation to it, but yesterday I was downloading some things and my computer freezed. The only solution left for me was to reboot it. Suddenly I saw, while my pc was going through its POST, that the speed of my processor had dropped to 1050 Mhz in stead of the usual 1600+. Somehow my BIOS got messed up. I corrected this and it worked fine again. µTorrent was also working ok.

Can somebody please tell me what's going on?? I never had any problems with this program whatsoever.

Thank you.

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You can close this topic. I found the cause of it. Somehow when I started µTorrent my virusscanner started scanning the files which caused large TMP files in my Windows directory on C: (approx. 2 Gb). Never happened before but everything seems to be working fine again. I'm one happy µTorrent user again :)

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