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utorrent has problems when downloads are set to a mapped drive


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I run utorrent from my main/control machine and have it save file to a mapped drive on another HTPC system. Both run Vista.

Every so often utorrent seems to think that the mapped drive is not available, gives an error message, and all active transfers stop.

However this is not the case as other applications can use the same drive and work normally the whole time. The drive also works normally

in Explorer.

I've tried turning off the built-in firewall on both systems but that's hasn't had an effect. My router, a D-Link DI-524, has its ports properly forwarded.

It's easy enough to restart the stalled transfers, just have to right-click and start, but it's annoying to discover that transfers have been stopped for many hours

or even days at a time. It's really hurting my ability to seed.

This is using utorrent 1.7.6, happened with 1.7.5 as well. Might be a Vista thing as when the HTPC's OS was XP this never happened.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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use a Local HDD instead?

i don't think it's a problem with Mapped drive but more likely vista acting up with the Mapped drives.

Also keep in mind Mapped drives runs over the network

the very same network you are downloading and seeding from

so it could also be purely busy, and having a hard time reaching the mapped drive, when it's downloading

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"seems to think"... uT doesn't have much fault tolerance for loss of mappings :/ You should investigate what causes the loss of connection. If as AllGamer suggests it may be due to network usage ... try setting some sort of sync routine up to upload your content to your media center when you're not downloading to / uploading from uT. Also note: Vista is garbage.

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I would investigate loss of connection but no loss occurs with the sole exception of utorrent. Many applications can use the same drive mapping, reliably, without problems. Winamp, WMP, DC++, VLC, Explorer, Office, Wallpaper Master, on and on.

Since I can't figure out the problem I will decide between reinstalling XP or using another torrent client until I can figure this out.

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All the other software are Read Once, and Write Once, so they are not affected by stream connections

Even Winamp playing Mp3 from your mapped drive per say, it reads it in segments

But uTorrent access the drives constantly

the hard drive i have dedicated for Torrents, never rests, it's always flashing.

Also if you use a Network bandwidth access monitor program, and compare the network access of uTorreent, vs. any other networked application, you'll notice the other software network usage are not sustained, but rather in pulses

a simple test for you if the Mapped drive is from another computer, is to install the Network monitor application in the Other computer, and only have Utorrent running with the HDD access, and see how much traffic it generates.

That'll give you better indication as to what you can do to make it better, or find another solution like.... install a new HDD to your utorrent computer

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