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how to reach distant leechers?


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this is not a big issue for me, but when i'm seeding something that i really want to get out like my own music releases - i will often see 0(1) or 0(8) leechers for extended times when i have the full file..

so i assume those leechers are either distant in net terms or possibly even a false statistic?

so my question is - what settings do i change to increase seeding potential and connect to those few peers?

thanks :-)

while i'm posting - immediately after installing 1.7.6 from .5 - i get 'no incomming connections' for a longer time before it goes green.. again - no issue, buit i thought i would mension it.. takes like 60 seconds or more before reporting green..

funny - as i'm posting this it has gone back to 'no incomming..' twice and now back to green.. huh..

i'm fairly certain this didn't happen with 1.7.5...

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After that lagtime though, (60 seconds you say... you know you can turn on logging to see what's going on during that time. Probably announces, haves, have nots, gots, got nots...) do you connect to all the peers? If not you are firewalled. Especially if you can check in on the swarm (small localized community site I'm talking about) ...

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