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Where did I get a torrent from.


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Thanks jewelisheaven. If I open the torrent with notepad, it is just a jumble of "Stuff" (for want of a better word). Is there a Torrent Editor (viewer) out there?

I've googled the world and can't seem to find anything.

BTW: in notepad when I search for "Source" or "Source URL" it finds nothing. Below is an extract of the first few lines, after that - all gibberish.

d8:announce30:http://tracker.prq.to/announce13:announce-listll30:http://tracker.prq.to/announceel66:http://fdbc3eeb0542feeccbaffc2784d1167e591db0f0.bthub.com/announceel71:http://fdbc3eeb0542feeccbaffc2784d1167e591db0f0.bthub.com:2710/announceel71:http://fdbc3eeb0542feeccbaffc2784d1167e591db0f0.bthub.com:6969/announceel78:http://redir.bthub.com/redir.php?hash=fdbc3eeb0542feeccbaffc2784d1167e591db0f0ee10:created by13:BitComet/0.9813:creation


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BEncode Editor (third link in my signature) is capable of editing any kind of bencoded file (.torrent files are bencoded). Unfortunately, what you're looking for usually won't be found in the .torrent file. If you don't remember where you got it from, then you're going to have to find it via Google, or something. You might want to try searching Google for the torrent infohash (which you can find in µTorrent's General tab).

When jewelisheaven said to check the tracker or comment, he meant via µTorrent (torrent properties lists the tracker, and the General tab shows the comments). The bit of bencode you posted actually has the tracker and infohash, so you have the information you need there.

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