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Cant get a green light after reformat


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Hi everyone, I hate to make a similar post after there are seemingly so many in the same sort of vein and topic but...

Ive recently reformatted after iTunes decided my computer was worthy of its wrath.

Ever since the reformat, driver reinstalls, OS reinstall etc my computer has been reunning great, but...

uTorrent has been extremely slow. I cant get a green light for nothing, even though I have completely disabled my router firewall (after making UDP and TCP exceptions on the port im using), and I have windows firewall completely disabled as well (but I also made exceptions before I did, just in case).

When I check the port it says it isnt open...Ive tried both adding and removing exceptions in my router firewall and windows firewall and it doesnt make a difference. (Which I guess it shouldnt, since both are turned off).

I am not running any firewall or antivirus programs either...and still the most I can usually get is about 30k from uTorrent.

Im set to 450 global connections, 100 connections per torrent, and 5 upload slots per torrent. Anything I am missing?

Is there any other program or setting that may be keeping my ports closed?

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Im using a Belkin wireless G plus mimo router

My modem is a Speedstream 5100

I am not "on" the wireless network however...

I use the direct connect to PC port on the router (I couldnt bear being on wireless internet)


My connection is about 135-150k down and my upload maxes at 384

However, everytime I uncap my upload I end up getting about 34k up and 15k down

Upload capped at 8k used to give me the best download speeds (~150k)

Edit: No, I've never set up a static IP for my computer...but I know my ip on the network

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Well you don't need a static IP if UPnP is available/working on your router. For the time being if you're unsure how to setup the static ip, use your current IP in the router rules. Forward your PORT (ctrl-g) IN and OUT (if available) to your LAN IP (ipconfig, or what you already know it as) and you're set. That is unless your modem also has router functionality.

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I've completely disabled UPnP and unchecked the UPnP option since this happened in an attempt to fix it

I guess that was the wrong thing to do

But Im pretty sure I do have a static IP already and something may be wrong with my router or port forwarding

I did a scan of computer with PCAudit and I noticed this in open ports (55234 is what im using):



In other words I think those ports are open but theyre being forwarded to instead of my IP

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Well it's a learning experience. On well seeded torrents LIKE the test torrents, it proves your ISP doesn't shape torrent traffic lower than your 1.5Mbit down speed, which is GREAT. What it doesn't test is your efficiency at uploading.

With your limited upload, may I suggest Ctrl-G --> xx/384 and then manually lower the connections a tad... maybe 50 per torrent 150 total... It will allow you, when you're uploading NEAR your max to pump out more traffic due to less peer communication. Also you may find you can raise that limit... (I'd recommend in 5% increments) when you're not downloading (as you raise it, scale Speed tab to 5 or 30 seconds and see if your speed continues as a relatively horizontal line) and stick that under Preferences for "alternate upload when not downloading". When downloading you want it to be lower so you don't bottleneck the downloading traffic. It's about tweaking after you get good settings ;) Did you have other questions?

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