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RSS save in folder not working


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folder 1 = incomplete download folder

folder 2 = completed download folder Main(torrent, firefox, etc)

folder 3 = RSS feed download folder

option - Put new downloads in: Folder 1

option - Move completed files to: Folder 2

option - RSS downloads to Save in: Folder 3

i have a renamer program that monitors folder 3 to rename and move the files to their correct location on my file server.

all other files get downloaded to folder 2 (this makes things easier on the renamer program)

thats my setup but for some reason the RSS downloads into Folder 2 and not Folder 3. i have made utorrent to be as automatic as possible for RSS and normal torrents. when i download a normal torrent it starts automatically without activating the utorrent window.

an ideas on what is happening and what i can do to fix this?

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Well could you list the folders mentioned in the settings? I routinely do this, so I know it works :/ Do you have either Ctrl-P -> Downloads "always show dialog" or "show a window that displays files" disabled?

As a last resort using 1) your rss.dat and 2) your settings.dat may be required, but I'd wait for outside comment if you don't feel comfortable giving that information to me.

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i have found out that the RSS download starts downloading in folder 3 and gets moved to folder 2 when it completes i have had to enable "only move from the default download directory" and "append .!ut to incomplete files to fix my problems"

is this not a bug that the file doesn't start in folder 1 and get moved to folder 3?

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