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[toolbar] Tango


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Here's an updated version of the Tango theme for those using µTorrent 1.8 Alpha/Beta.

Everything got a bit of a touch-up, including the main toolbar. Enjoy!

[ Updated Version for 1.8 Final ]


I also use FOOOD's Green Desktop Icon 915.png and FOOOD's Black Filetype Icon 923.png

as well as boo's Simple mod v1 Green Main/Tray Icon 167.png to "complete" the theme on my computer.

Edit: Oh, and for the curious, I'm using my own slight mod of the Black Mesa v2 visual style.

Edit2: [ Updated Version for 1.8 Final ]

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Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it!

Black Mesa is a 3rd party msstyles theme for WinXP, and can be utilized with StyleXP or by patching uxtheme.dll to allow for 3rd party themes. I use the patch since I don't care for the overhead StyleXP has for roughly the same purpose.

The patching can be done with the UXTheme Multi-Patcher then you just put Black Mesa v2 in your Windows\Resources\Themes folder along with the normal Windows themes and it should show up as a choice in your Display Properties dialog.

As for Vista, I just looked into it and there are UXTheme Patchers built for Vista but I'm not sure if Black Mesa would be usable since it was made for XP, lots of other options available though!

Edit: And blah, here's my own tweaked version of Black Mesa to use fonts I thought would look better in menus and on the taskbar, as well as a couple other minor changes.

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I like black. I use blackbox shell http://www.bb4win.org with a blue-black or black toned theme. You may be able to find it SOMEWHERE, it's called Cupric. I don't have the original as I got some official support via VNC years ago and the guy saved over the original file with changes without saving a backup.

Heh, This is actually only the 3rd skin i've kept. I ran the Tetris for a while but the blocks started making me want to play µTris.. but before the recent 1.8 build About wasn't non-modal ><

Keep up the great additions please :D

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