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Weird problem. All greed, can't connect to seed or peers.


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I have 3 desktops and 1 laptop in my house. All 4 computers uses 1.7.5 Utorrent and 2 of the desktops and the laptops work perfectly. I can always get 500Kb/s download when there are a good amount of seeds and peers.

But with my new computer that I just build. It is just not connecting to any seeds or peers. It is on wireless. But it should not be the problem since two other computer are on wireless and they works just fine. and they all use the same Wireless adapter.

All the settings are the same for all 4 computers.

Here is the computer thats having problem.

It is a Quad core pc with two 500GB hard drive in Raid 0. (could Raid be the problem?)

it uses xp pro SP2.

The same torrent on that computer will only connect to 1 or 2 peers, 7 at the most when there are morthan 300 present.

Tried the same torrent on other computer and it downloads like crazy.

anybody know what might be causing the problem? Everything is setup correctly since i only have one wireless router and all same wireless adapter.

what can be causing it?

thank you

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