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Please Help Me in CS3...


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Hi All,

My problem is the Download Speed...

i am on a very quick connection, and when i download any file from the

net, the data speed is between 400Kbps-650Kbps...

BUT, when i try to download any of AdobeCS3 from

http://thepiratebay.org/top/302 or many others :

The download speed is LESS than 15Kbps, so Azureus tell me that the ETA

is Many days (may be years...)

i tried Dozens of files in many sites including :




and many others...

Always my speed is <15Kbps...


1) All the torrent files i choosed have a good number of seeds...

2) in Azureus i set the Download speed to 200 and upload to 202, and

tried many other settings...

3) When i download one of the movies on vuse by Azureus itself, the

speed is perfect : as a normal download (~200Kbps-400Kbps)


Where's the problem?

i think it concerns how to pick and where is the _Good torrent file_ ?!

i search Adobe flash & DreamWeaver & Premiere cs3 for Mac

(Master collection CS3 for example...)

i Hope i git usefull helps here....


Dr. NoNotMe2008

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