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Trouble seeding and uploading


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I am using a netgear WPN824 v2 and utorrent 1.7.6.

Now I forwarded so many ports, about 10 different times. I'm trying to forward port 60000. Now sometimes it says the port is open but i get very little uploaders. And when i am uploading its really for just several seconds. Then it goes away. Other times it will change the icon from the green check to the yellow sign. But it literally changes every few minutes and the yellow sign is only there for a few seconds then its gone back to green. Other times i test the port and it says its fine. I'm also using peerguardian.

My download speeds are fine but i only upload on average 10 kBps.

Also i ran speed tests and i average about 2500 kbps download and upload 1500 kbps.

Please help this is driving me and my cousin crazy. I think the port forward website is giving me the wrong ip. It told me to use a few days ago, but today it tells me to use, but that then cuts me off from the internet.

Help is really appreciated, thanks.

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If you could try first setting your Speed Guide (Ctrl-G in uT) settings to xx/1Mbit (a little under your max upload which you can modify later)... it ensures you're not trying to kill your connection due to overload. Your LAN IP (which if static and forwarded) is present when you Start -> Run -> cmd /k ipconfig.Make sure the forwarding rule in your router is on your PORT to your IP.

After you get it to work sustainably well, I'd recommend going onto a swarm which has alot of peers and letting it run for 2-5 minutes before increasing your upload under Ctrl-P -> Connection by about 5% at a time until your Upload speed in the Speed tab (when scaled to 5 or 30 seconds) is no longer roughly horizontal at or near your set upload speed (red line).

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