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utorrent setup


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few noob questions re. utorrent and setting it up

first hurdle: connection type. i ran the speed test and my current bandwith reading is 1.33 Mbps - what setting should i select? xx/1Mbit? xx/768k? xx/2Mbit?

next: ran the utorrent port checker and it tells me my port does not appear to be open. how can i open it? it mentions about making sure peerguardian2/protowall is allowing utorrent but i dont even know these programs let alone how to change their settings..

yewwwww cheers guys.

*** some progress ***

I couldn't find my exact Billion router model on the portforward site, but I will probably use the Billion Bipac-7402VGO instructions which is the next closest listed model. Is this okay?

This is what it tells me to do:


It all seems a little complicated (it also wants me to setup a static IP address), especially since I generally don't like fucking around with security/internet setting on my computer, can somebody please reassure me that this is the correct way about getting utorrent set up?

Many thanks.

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There are generally two ways to get around NAT. UPnP is available and a pretty standard feature on most routers these days. This requires you setup both your router and uT to use UPnP. The other way is to manually forward the ports. In addition to the portforward site the setup guide tries to give you a pretty good understanding of what you're doing (Guides page below, link #3).

Regarding the Speed Guide, make sure you're using the UPLOAD speed from the test :) Did it say anything about "bandwidth compression"? Are you on cable internet? If so your speed is probably close to 512Kbps, so start with xx/512. After you get yourself up and running you can change the settings yourself under Ctrl-P -> Connection. If you feel like you need more information on how to use uT, check out the µManual ;)

Any other questions?

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