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uTorrent won't download anything!


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Okey, uTorrent has been working great for as long as I can remember, but about a month ago it just stopped downloading files. Now, everytime I try, it just says "Downloading", while the ETA shows infinite time (the lying 8). After a while, the blue icon turns red, and this is what happens EVERY time. When I try to find an open port, it says that it's closed, and I thought this might be the problem? I've tried the whole Portforward.com-thing, but it didn't work?

Anybody who knows what I should do??


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What steps have changed from before? The reason the tracker icon turned red would be helpful. It's listed under the General tab, under tracker status. Downloading is good, it means you're not limited by the Queueing settings. The process after that usually connects to the tracker, and gets peers, then connects to them.

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OK so the contact with the tracker failed. Are you connected to DHT? Do you still get peer counts in the General tab? Do no peers connect to you? Verifying you're getting any data is good by checking Statistics (Alt-H-S).

To deal with the timeout, can you check Ctrl-P -> Advanced -> bt.connect_speed and net.max_halfopen (* denotes non default) and click the RESET button for them returning them to defaults and report back?

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I don't really know what DHT is, sorry..

On peers it says "0 (283)"

In statistics it says:

"Total Uploaded: 42,8 kB

Total Downloaded: 5,95 kB

Total Ratio: 7,193

Total Running Time: 2,26,00

Number of Files Added: 1

Program Started: 2 times

#incoming conns since start: 0

#outgoing conns since start: 0

#handshake: 2

#connections: 8

#half-open: 8"

Now I tried to reset bt.connect_speed and net.max.halfopen, and it didn't seem to change anything :(

But how about the ports? For every port I use seem to be closed! :/

I even turned off Norton, but it didn't work :(

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