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Connection Problem .

Roger Waters

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For over a year now my Utorrent 1.6 (build 474) has been perfect.

I have a Netgear DG834g router and windows XP.

I have port forwarded ok, and set up a static IP address ok ( I am sure ).

Last weekend when i opened my Utorrent to download i could not get

connected to a torrent, nor get the Green tick up.

Its been working some of this week perfectly, other times not.

Sometimes i am downloading perfectly but have a yellow triangle ???? ( no green tick)

Sometimes logging on and off sorts it.

Today its not downloading anything again !

No incoming connection (yellow triangle)

Although it did start earlier perfectly with yellow triangle.

I have rechecked every setting...all ok though.

Whats changed/gone wrong ?

All help welcomed.



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Incomplete thoughts are bad. I meant to say "you can run it self-encapsulated to keep old settings from being affected. If definitely it goes on and off without any changes it's your ISP. It's best to keep a log of when things work and when they dont. Also checking the OpenOffice download from the Setup Guide and How-To during those times will verify when your ISP is actively interfering, or unable to cope with demand in your area. What ISP are you on? Is it listed on http://azureuswiki.com/index.php/Bad_ISPs (not updated very recently i think) OR does it come up with lots of problems as a search on the forum?

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