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Port forwarding help


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Hey lads, first time poster.

I've been using uTorrent now for about 6-8 months and I noticed something regarding my download speed.

My bandwidth is about 512kb/s and on uTorrents I can download - lets say the latest episode of Lost - at about 60 kb/s which takes about 2 hrs max. But I found that my cousin who also had broadband but a not as fast as mine can download the exact same torrent at the exact same time as me at speeds of 150 kb/s.

Did some research and noticed my port was not being forwarded - so I successfully completed all but one step as outlined on the FAQ.

In the final step it says to "Select the applications you just created in the Available Rules list, then click the Add > button to move them to the Applied Rules box."

But I cannot find the application I have created in the list. The step before asks me to name the application as "Utor1" - I have checked everything and I'm 100% certain I haven't made a mistake.

Should I be looking for "Utor1" in the list or something else?

I've gone through the list in Games, Applications, Servers etc but cannot find "Utor1".

I have done the custom port forwarding properly and the custom application is successfully applied - but like I said it doesn't come up in the list afterwards.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Ah sorry, didn't mean to highjack - I thought perhaps I might be slated for starting a new topic given how many port forwarding threads already exist. That is how most of the other forums I visit operate so sorry about that.

Shall I just post my post as a new thread???

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If indeed the speedtests are what you report there's nothing else to do. If your ISP is telling you you have MORE than .5Mbit down THEN we have stuff to discuss, you see. For the forwarding, I don't think rule naming matters, what's more important is you use the same IN, and OUT port (Ctrl-G) and put it to your DESTINATION IP (LAN IP address from start->run->cmd->ipconfig)

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