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Downloading issues


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Hi, i've been downloading some files to my external hardrive, and at one point my computer froze/crashed (not related to uTorrent - overclocked PC with a game), so the last time i had seen the download bar the files were downloading at decent speeds.

Now i've turned on uT again, nothing is downloading.

I've tried alot of the suggestions on the site, i mean, not ONE thing moves, there is always just no seeds and peers.

(These files are unlikely to have none as they are very popular)

I think it has something to do with the external hardrive, but i'm not sure.

Any pointers would be appreciated :)

I'll check back in a day :)

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Well i looked, there was a few failed hash checks and that was it.

You see.

I restarted my XHD and the computer.

So now it's downloading.

Before i reset it wasn't downloading at all.

I'll show an example of before and after

FILE A = 67.9%

FILE B = 57.6%

FILE C = 64.2%

Now it looks like

FILE A = 11% (has been downloading from 0%, but hasn't acknowledged any previously downloaded material)

FILE B = 69.5% (will no longer download - and hasnt for the past few hours)

FILE C = same as A

So what has happened is that 2 of the torrents have reset their download progress.

And the other has now froze at 69.5% (Again a popular torrent, no reason for not continuing)

As you can imagine this is highly irritating because it was several hours of downloading wasted.

Any solutions/

Also -

All files saved in same location on XHD

I'm running XP SP2

uTorrent version 1.7.6

Thanks in advance L)

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uhm. you REALLY don't want to let it re-download from 0% (at all, but even moreso when it's multi-GB). STOP, right click, advanced, change download location. Repath to the file/directory and CLICK on the file. In the event you didn't change the directory, right-click, Force Re-Check.

What do you mean "does not download"... what is the tracker status? and Status column in the main torrent pane? and connected peers/seeds? and flags listed under Peers column for those connected peers/seeds? You should be seeing two "groupings" of flags, one for status and one for source. Common general flags for downloading peers are "UD IXHE" which means you are uploading to and downloading from the peer, it is incoming, and you got it from the DHT and via PEX exchange.

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