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Internet not responding


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WinXP PC, DLINK DI-624S Router, Motorola SB5101 modem, Cable internet

I have port-forwarding setup correctly - green light.

After uTorrent has been running for a while (not straight away), IE cannot access the internet, however uT goes on happily. It starts working again a few minutes after I close uT, or when I reboot the router.

I have tried the fixes in the sticky and narrowed it down to the router. None of the uT tweaks help, but the problem does not happen when I connect the PC directly to the modem.

It might seem like the router is overloaded with connections, but I doubt it. I am using a single unpopular torrent and getting only 5-20kB with about 5 peers - I'm not worried about that, because they're getting the same - its just a bad swarm.

My settings are:

Global max connections: 75

Max connected peers per torrent: 50

Max upload slots: 4

Global max upload rate: 10

Max active torrents: 1

Max active downloads: 1

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