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super slow upload. suggestions?


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so i just upgraded my service. i now am suppose to receive. 6.0mbs up and 768kbs down.

when i download inside utorrent 1.7.6 it reaches 550kbs sometimes a bit more. but when i download the fastest i have gotten is 25kbs. which is about what i was getting with my old connection.

i did a speed check to make sure. it said i have 5211kbs down. isnt that alot faster than what i am getting?????? then it also said that 622kbs up. and i know thats a lot faster than i am getting.

so my question is. am i not getting my full download speed? and how do i fix it?

and my second question. how do i make my uploads go faster???

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?? Receiving is download. Do you have a 6 Mbit UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD package?

Speedtests are in Kbps, and uT and windows use KiBps for measurements. As Kurahashi-san would tell you the difference is 8x since 8 bits are in 1 Byte. You can expect up to 84-86 KiBps sustained upload if you're connected to enough peers with that much download. 6Mbit down ~ 700 KiBps theoretical sustained bandwidth. You can verify that with http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ . 5200 Kbps though is only 650 KiBps.

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