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U torrent is not downloading but it starts then it stalls


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My u torrent has been working fine until recently, it was providing me with very good download speed, since a month the download speed was reduced. I felt its my isp whose at fault, but however now theres a bigger problem. My downloads aren't working now, if i get a torrent it starts to catch 3 - 4 seeders and one or two peers, it starts the download till it gets upto 3 - 4 kbps then everything stops. I tried everything in my knowledge. Used a good anti virus, selected u torrent in its and firewalls exceptions and later uninstalled and re-installed. i cant think of a better life without U torrent its the best,i don't want to switch to anything else.

Can anyone help.

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try downloading the Open Office torrent

if that doesn't work

check Port Forwarding, and the Port set in uT

don't use Automatic or Random ports in uT

if everything is configured properly and the Open Office download doesn't work

then it's your ISP being an arse blocking you

if that is the case, you can try the uT 1.8 beta, and enable IPv6

which hopefully will let you bypass the ISP block

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It has less to do with IPv6 and more to do with the workarounds uT Azureus and libtorrent developers collaborated on to make the shaping profiles less applicable. NOTE: It does not work on all impacted ISPs.

AllGamer, uT is not in beta yet :P I now refer to it as in-development, instead of trying to remember alpha or beta.

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