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PLease help! Utorrent freeze my computer!


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Hi! I need help!

I seems that i have two options with utorrent.

One, If I limit uploading or downloading speed to something else than 0, browsing slows down to stupidly slow. And my downloading speed in Utorrent also fall down to maximum 12kbs. My bandwith is just gone.

Two. If I keep both up and down limits 0, browsing still goes realy slow but my downloading goes fast. The problem besides slow browsing is that after just a few minutes my whole computer freeze and i have to cut power to reboot.

My computer is quite new with an intel Quad processor, geforce 8800 graphics card.

I run Vista premium, Explorer 7 and Avast. The problem seems to happen when i leave my computer. Its no fun browsing going that slow... It could take as little as four minutes to half an hour. It has never once stood for itself for more than an hour without freezing..

What can i do?

Can anyone help me?



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You should NOT run uT in unlimited upload mode. If limit it causes your system to lag you have some other incompatible software OR your settings aren't tuned-in for your linespeed. Have you followed the How-To?

Please also paste a process explorer log for uT (download zip, open procexp.exe, Ctrl-L, Ctrl-D, click utorrent.exe, Ctrl-A, copy-paste below) and run HiJackThis and paste that below... it may divulge other known problem programs which are not added to the FAQ list of http://utorrent.com/faq.php#Incompatible_software

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Im not sure about Avast, since most torrent clients hates AVs, it doesnt matter how good your computer are, but bottleneck is at the internet connection you're having. Imaging your super computer lag like hell while playing online games because of 56k dialup connection.

www.speedtest.net < Do speed test on your nearest server with nothing else downloading at background. Try 3 times to confirm your maximun upload speed. You can still set utorrent to unlimited but when adding torrent remember to set upload speed limit to 5kb/s for that torrent or more. Example, Im downloading 5 torrents at same time and i set each torrent 5kb/s upload.. 5 x 5 = 25kb/s upload which my ISP can handle up to 300kb/s+ upload so is no probs.. you just need to do abit calculation adjustment that's all.

I also recommand leave the utorrent have unlimited upload because it requires additional upload for data packet check and is not related to sending torrent data. So before i have 25kb/s for ONLY sending data out, but it required about another 5kb/s more for data check for downloads, so total approx 35kb/s upload is inuse to upload to other users and download at same time. Also depending on the speed you have for download, faster download mean it use slight more additional upload for data check and confirmation things..

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