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D-Link routers


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okie I know alot of people say D-Link routers are bad.. but I still stick with them..... mainly because buffalo wireless routers are too expensive and they don't sell Linksys here... we have stuff like MSI,3com,asus

from personal experience I've had so far... the DI-6XX series routers are really bad...

DI-614+ had the thing die in 3 months

DI-624S died in 6 days


DI-5xx series work... but... they don't support speed boost stuff...

DI-514 worked for around a yr

right now... I'm running a DGL-4300 and was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think of it...


(plz... no D-Link sucks opinions... something contributive would be nice)

Does D-Link sell any other routers that can out perform it?

(besides the DI-634M which isn't available here)


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If you look at the brochure, the DGL-4300 has got to be better than anything they've made before. The problem I see is that it is expensive and the "QoS" it offers is very limited. So you're getting limited bang for the bucks you've paid.

The DI-634M I think is really about wireless performance (isn't it pre-N stuff?). Theoretically it could give you more stability for torrenting through a wireless connection (if you had signal interference problems in the first place) but won't make any difference if you're wired. It could actually be worse depending on compatibility of drivers and whatnot... I suspect pre-N gear will be quickly obsolete.

I don't own any of them so I'm just giving my 2 cents.

The Linksys with a third party firmware is much superior AND cheaper, by leaps and bounds! I would've gotten one if I had the option at the time.

EDIT: I just looked at the DI-634M product sheet and it appears to be just the DGL-4300 features + MIMO (wireless).

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