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How do Add back in finished torrents to seed!


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Utorrent ver 1.7.7 vista ultimate

my computer crashes every now and then, but just recently after a crash utorrent looses all the finished torents that I am seeding.

How do I get them back in to continue seeding.

All the folders and files are still in place and all the setting are still the same.

Tried reloading utorrent.

Its still working fine with new torrents, they download then seed , I can reboot they continue to seed, but afte a crash all gone !

I need to keep seeding for 1 particular site to stay a member !

Thanks paul

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Are you sure they're not just inactive? If you press F7 a couple times to show the category pane are they still listed? Having experienced this before myself you are likely experiencing problems with either drivers or programs which are causing the reboots. I would try to ascertain that by going through the How-To.

In the event you want to read up a bit I made my tips on backups after I got fed-up with power outages killing my rock-solid uT ;)

As it states there, you may be able to "fix" your resume.dat, HOWEVER as the B.F.E. (bencoded files editor) thread states: PLEASE NOTE: Backing up ALL relevant files before editing is recommended as B.F.E. comes with little additional support without specific questions.

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