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v1.3 - Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck


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First off - thanks for this great Bittorrent client - its the only one I'll now use.

Upgrading to 1.3 from 1.2.2... Once 1.3 started I hit this error message on one of the torrents I've been seeding successfully for about 2 weeks! fyi all my other torrents operate correctly...

On forcing a recheck the 1.3 client thinks that a number of small files are missing. If I quit 1.3 and launch 1.2.2 again I can force the recheck there and all the files are found and it goes back to seeding. If I then exit 1.2.2 and start 1.3 again it reports the error and on rechecking it goes to downloading status. Checking the disk, all files are there correctly and can be read with no errors.

I can recreate the behaviour again and again for this one torrent file.

Screen shot from 1.2.2: utorrent122b4gk.th.jpg

Screen shot from 1.3: utorrent13b7ak.th.jpg


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You can't import any files with non-English characters from 1.2.2 because 1.2.2 was not Unicode, and 1.3 is. The filenames differ between the two. (accented characters are NOT part of us-ascii). Simply right click the torrent and Force re-check to make it re-create (and re-download) any Unicode named files. This is unavoidable.

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