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I'm new here :-)


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Hi guys

µtorrent is new to me, so prob this is a stupid question...

I can't download any file/piece. I've already entered the proxy settings (w.x.y.z:80). but nothing happens

I try to get the file : Please don't link to trackers/directorys

Any idea's ?

And a move to troubleshooting. ~Sanchez

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You said you entered an address to a proxy. I presumed you were behind a proxy and knew what is was. Sorry about that.

If you don't know of any proxy, leave that field blank.

What's happening when you click that torrent-link then? Nothing at all? Try saving the .torrent-file to the disk and drag it over to µTorrent and see if it works better.

Also, please edit out that link you posted since it's pointing to copyrighted material. It's illegal and not allowed on these forums.

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