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problem using net.bind_ip/outgoing_ip w/ 2 simoultaneous connections

Raziel Anarki

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i have a strange problem with ut and using two different wan connections at once

i have a lan card which connects to (via router-A) to a dsl connection (lan ip is:

and i also have a wifi adapter which connects to (via another router-B) to a cable modem (lan ip:

i wanted to use the cable connection for torrents as it is symmetric, so i could upload more and get better speeds in exchange (and also to not to crap up the dsl, as it gets slow if too many connections are open)

i have set the net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip to use the wifi connection to the cable modem (read: i put in both)

all ips are set by hand, forwarding is ok, everything works if the lan cable is disconnected

when i connect it, my speeds drop to a halt, and it looks like ut is trying to use the dsl connection and not use the cable one at all... (the activity led on the wifi-adapter stops blinking)

i unplug it and my speeds return to normal... wtf?

tried restarting ut a few times, even xp and both routers once but to no avail

any clues?

(using 1.7.7 build 8179)

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oh i see... thanks anyway.


well so now that i know this is a windows problem, i have been googling around, and i have found this:

How to change the binding order of network adapters in Windows

using the second method and setting the metrics for the adapters, and the default gateways (100 for lan and 1 for the wifi) seemingly solved my problem

(altough now all my connections are routed through the wifi, but at least theres no loose cables around :D)

it seems that my wifi connection got a higher automatic metric because it is slower than the lan (11-55mbps vs 100mbps) and this got windows confused, as it tried to use the faster route when i reconnected the lan cable

(in theory)


setting the metrics to the same value (i used 1, on both gateways and both adapters) solved my problem fully! :D

(everything uses the dsl, ut uses the wifi)

maybe useful to have a footnote about this in the manual :)

thanks for steering me in the right direction ;)

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