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Strange speeds and ports


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I'm using the newest version and here are my settings:

Upload Limit:47kbps


Max Active Torrents:3

Upload Slots:4


Max Active Downloads:2

Current Port:21340

Connection: 512/2048

I'm downloading a torrent with 4k seeds and 2k peers, I was downloading up to 200kbps, but now it's down to 40-90, sometimes the little thing at the bottom is yellow instead of green, and the port keeps opening and closing, is that normal? I tried the openoffice torrent and I'm easily getting up to 220kbps, but the other one is giving me crappy speeds.

Right now, I'm downloading another torrent(I stopped the other one), with only 130 seeds and 20 peers and getting 170-200kbps, could it be that the first torrent's tracker is messed up?

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