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Having the half open connection issues again.


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So I'm pretty sure this started after I ran windows update on monday. I looked in utorrent and all my connections were red. Most of the torrents were seeds and I was using several different trackers. I was able to seed and connect to those trackers on my laptop so that should put some ideas to rest.

I disabled my windows firewall, I ran the test and double checked my firewall to make sure the port was being forwarded to the proper ip.

Then I noticed some strange little problems, like I couldn't check my email, I'd click a link in firefox and nothing would happen. Thats when I remember the EventID 4426 patch. I used to have to run that every time I updated windows but for some reason didn't have to after a while.

So I download the patch, run it, reboot, didn't help. After about 10 minutes, all of my tracker connections go red and I have problems with my network connections and various clients.

I'm running XP, freshly patched (dammit).

Upgraded to uTorrent 1.7.7

Ran the EventID 4426 patch with the default 50 connections.

Any ideas?


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