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Switched to XP, ALL Torrents Corrupt


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I just switched back to XP after using Vista for quite a while.

I'm trying to download a bunch of random stuff and every single thing that I download is corrupted/fails the CRC when I'm installing it or unpacking it.

It's not my ethernet drivers or anything like that because it's only torrents that are always corrupted.

Any ideas?

I'll have to switch back to Vista if I can't get this working...please don't make me do that.

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Vista can't read older filesystems well... I supposedly had to reformat my flash sticks to work with it. Stick into XP and they work fine. Down with Vista.

Torrents corrupt, and unable to unpack torrent data is different. Torrents are byte for byte copies. If the original didn't unpack then all the copies won't either. Try right click force recheck as Ultima says and report back :D

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