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upspeed against downspeed


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I would do Port Forwarding if you can in that router. Set your Utorrent port to something in the 30,000-52,000 range (like 31463 or 51243 or something as an example) then forward that port to the IP addy of your machine.

Under the menus OPTIONS, PREFERENCES under NETWORK OPTIONS, there is the port entry, and then under BANDWIDTH LIMITING set your GLOBAL MAXIMUM UPLOAD RATE (kB/s) to 80% or so of your max upload speed.

For example, I have 1.5m/384k ADSL. I set the UPLOAD to 30 in that box and that prevents bandwidth saturation on my setup. EVERYTHING ELSE is default, pretty much. I don't mess with the number of connections, etc. I get between 80-180kB downloads, depending on the popularity of the torrent. I download missed episodes of TV shows and the popular ones like CSI NY or Law and Order usually get close to the 180kB level during the download, but can hover around 80-120 or what not at times.

Hope some of that helps. :)

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