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Hello there,

I have a problem with uTorrent 1.7.7.

Everytime, when I start uTorrent, i get the "No incoming connections" error, and most of my torrents are really slow.

I tried everything. From that TCIP patch, to port forwarding, and it still doesn't work.

I have an: 2MBit connection, connected through another computer via a modem (that serves me also as a router, it is the D-link 584-T model), BitDefender Internet Security 2008, that doesn't block utorrent, WindowsDefender, that doesn't block uTorrent, and an Uniblue SpyEraser (useless, just here for decoration :P) which realtime guard is off, and is not blocking uTorrent, and the Windows Firewall is off.

It all started since I transfered myself from BitTorrent to uTorrent. Since then, the No incoming connections error comes, my connection to the internet breaks (and more often, when an another user uses uTorrent on a another account)

I tried to go to Port Forward page, and it still doesn't work (to be more precise, everything I do on the router, after rebooting the modem/router, the option vanish (?!) and the configuration I made for Utor1 is lost.)

Please help. Thanks.

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Yes, I am quite sure.

Ok, I'm posting the steps here, so, if someone finds an error would be good :D

1. step: open Mozilla,

2. password

3. on the top part of the page, there is a small window: advanced. Click.

4. Click on the Lan Clients, on the top right part of the page, opened when clicked on the advanced tab

5. I enter a IP adress (If I have 2 computers, which IP should I set?), since, I am new to this, i enter, host name: Virtual

6. add, apply.

7. Click on the virtual server button.

8. I scroll over to the "User" category, click it, and press the "add" button

9. Rule name: Utor1, protocol: TCP, Port start: 6883 ( port start, and all other ports are 6883 too)

10. apply

11. i return back to the virtual server

12. same as 8. (without the "and press the...)

13. Click on the Utor1 rule, and click the add button on the right side of the rule

14. apply

15. reboot

16. Failure.

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