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Disable/Remove "Force Start"


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I am looking for some help disabling or removing the Force Start feature from the right click menu.

I know that it would require editing some script but I have already done a little to remove such buttons as rss and setting. Anything would help.

Thanks much, Carl

P.S. I am running utorrent 1.7.7 with webui v0.310 if it matters.

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lol, I'm hoping it actually helps, because I surely haven't tested it -- it was just a quick scan through the webui source files :P

FWIW, anyone knowledgeable enough about how webUI works in the background would be able to get around your hiding the "Force Start" menu item quite trivially by accessing the right URLs.

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Ok, I tried to remove the ContextMenu.add(["Force Start"]);

and also "ContextMenu.add(["Force Start","utWebUI.ForceStart()"]);" i removed few of this (maybe 3-5)

now i can't load the page and it is blank ..

I open the scrips.js with notepad and edit and save again.

I want to remove pause, stop, rss, setting, and right click details and property.

Ultima can u give me the source code ?

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You'll have to find and remove all instances of ContextMenu.add(["Force Start", ...]) from script.js, like:
ContextMenu.add(["Force Start"]);
ContextMenu.add(["Force Start","utWebUI.ForceStart()"]);

script.js not found in webui v0.371

i need to remove in webui v0.371


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The above tip was for WebUI v0.310, which is years old. WebUI v0.371 is rather different.

You'll find the relevant code in webui.js. If you're looking at the webui.zip with the GZIPed source files, then you'll want to remove


from the code. If you're looking at the uncompressed source file, then you'll want to remove


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Do note that is not safe. People can still use direct commands or some of the community projects here to circumvent whatever you change in the webui.zip.

You could try the webui shell which does securely disable it but it is complicated to setup and might be overkill for your situation.

See: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=46830

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