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asymmetric key pair


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I develop/maintain a private tracker and one of the biggest problem is the "openess" of BT protocol which allows for "fake stats"

My proposal is for a aymmetric (private/public) key pair in uTorrent.

uTorrent internally would have a private key and you can post the public key on the site.

uTorrent uses its private key and encrypts the annouce URL (querystring parameter/values)

Trackers can use the public key to decrypt the querystring and encrypt the annouce response.

Because, utorrent is closed source, it would be hard to develop something that overcomes the encryptions.

This will also prevent client-agent spoofing (other clients pretending to be uTorrent).

I would have created something similiar in azureus, but because of the Java overhead, its hard to ask the users to use just azureus. Not even mentioning the fact that java classes can be decompiled so easily

If this gets implemented, I'm sure private torrent sites would prefer to lock down their users to uTorrent alone (unless other clients implement something similiar)

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