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Very Low Speed


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uTorrent v1.7.6 / WRT54G v8 router / Bell Sympatico Total Performance / SpeedStream 5200 modem.

I followed the instructions on Port Forwarding and setting up a static IP. The Network light on uTorrent is green. When I check if the port is open using the option from the speed guide 80% of the time it says yes and 20% of the time claims it is closed. When I press F5 then it is open. I am using port 50532. Previously tried port 13339 and 10532 with the same results.

I have unchecked everything in the Listening Port box but other than that using the standard settings for connection type xx/640k.

I've test my connection with Speakeasy : 6200-6500 downloading and 650-670 uploading.

The windows firewall is disabled. I have the free version of BitDefender virus-checker installed but that is it.

I'm have 3 torrents downloading and my speeds are all below ~18kb/s, ~2kb/s, and ~9kb/s. The ~18kb/s is connected to 97 out of 499 seeds and 3 out of 1137 peers.

I figure I should be getting in the 300-400kb/s but I can't figure out what is wrong. Can anyone help me?

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Searching for speedstream and sympatico on the forum will tell you similar tales from similar people.

To test if something is indeed wrong, stop all torrents and then run openoffice or slackware from the setup guide. Then restart a torrent with active upload, and see what happens. It may be you are impacted due to uploading, or shaping due to you exceeding pre-set limits on sympatico's hardware :/ Truthfully you don't need 100 peers per torrent. Try the methods in Ultima's How-To (linked below)... like limiting your connections to 100 total and reducing your per torrent limits appropriately.

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